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As Jesus was walking,

two blind men began to follow Him.

Blind Men: Messiah, help us!

Jesus: Do you have faith that I can do this?

Blind Men: Yes, O Sovereign One!

Jesus (touching their eyes):


It happened. They saw.

Then Jesus made a circuit of all the towns and villages. He taught in their meeting places, reported kingdom news, and healed their diseased bodies, healed their bruised and hurt lives. When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd.

Jesus (to His Disciples):

What a huge harvest! How few workers!

On your knees and pray for harvest hands!

Matthew 9 [MSG]

It happened. They saw. I see. So can you.


Although first discovered by my optometrist during a routine exam in 1991, the 14 years of subsequent laser surgeries by a renowned OSU ophthalmologist could not stop ocular histoplasmosis from destroying about 95% of the light receptors in my eyes (retinas). Declared legally blind in the Summer of 2005, I felt like a good-for-nothing bummed out recluse. 


Loss of sight, like any adversity, was devastating. Knowing how they felt, I cried out in faith to the Great Physician with the blind men of old, "Have mercy on me!" Jesus heard my (our) lament and touched me (us) with His healing words:


Become What You Believe.


They saw with visual acuity of the eyes.


I can see too--in a very different way. How? In a word, missionally.


I quit focusing on the adversity and began appreciating the gift. Now I take limitations in stride and with good cheer. How? I just let Christ take over! He said, “My grace is enough; it’s all you need.” And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become. 


Now my heart breaks for the confused and aimless of our day. Do you see the bruised and hurt lives all around us, too? Whether you can or not, let's seize The ELEVEN© Formula so that together we can be the healing hands and feet of our Great Shepherd. 


Thomas Jacob, D.Min.

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