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Walls? What walls?!  Spiritual walls that are not of God.

     They may hide you from being aware of God’s plan and promise for your life. Or they may divide you from another Christian for reasons known only by the two of you. We hope that you, as a Christian, are asking for a God Breakthrough that can break down those spiritual walls that hide and divide!

     We can all relate to our first parents, Adam and Eve, who hid from God and disconnected from each other. They heard a loving Voice, asking, “Where are you?” The Second Adam, Sovereign Jesus Christ, is still posing that question today.

     Christian, where are you? Hiding in a building on Sundays that is full of great music and compeling teacing? At a workplace that is divided by differences of education, income, pastimes, race, struggles, and histories? Living in a neighborhood unfamiliar with church customs, songs, and what you hold sacred?

     What you are has a lot to do with where you are as a Christian. Are you content to rely on the church building to do the work of conveying God's Story in the world? Is simply attending or even inviting a suspicious public to an event to hear about Jesus from a professional teacher going to let walls that hide us and divide us come down? No guarantees.

     Since Pentecost, "God does not live in temples made by human hands" (Acts 17:24, PHILLIPS). Does that include buildings dedicated to the Glory of God? Yes. So an invitation to a building event may not be the best place to begin connecting your community to God.

     If not a brick and mortar building, then what or who is?! The Bible says, YOU are! Make no mistake: YOU are God's holy building! Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit—Who lives in you! As you have the light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within you, and shining through your lives. You are not the owner of your own body. You have been bought, and at what a Price! Therefore, bring glory to God both in your body and your spirit--for they both belong to God.

     People within our spheres of influence are asking the same question that the Greeks posed to Philip: "We want to see Jesus. Can you help us?" (John 12:21, MSG). As Christ Followers, yes we can! Jesus shines through us and says, "Look at me! I am Light that has come into the world so that all who believe in me won’t have to stay any longer in the dark."

     God has sent you, O Holy Building of God, to go as children of light! As obedient Redeemed Flesh and Blood, just show up; God within you will do the rest! Only then may others in darkness see Jesus, the Light! Only then may others gather with us to celebrate and be cared for in the Brick and Mortar.

     By now you might be crying out, in response to God's concern, "O God, form Yourself in me!" Why? Because you want to be ready for the building inspection! We've passed God's inspection, right? The Blood covers a mutiftude of sins so the Light can shine through. Glory!

Do you need help connecting that spark of faith in your heart to relevant fellowship? Do you need help connecting your community to Christ? Inviting someone to a Brick and Mortar Event is not enough. God, Who is faithful, is calling Redeemed Flesh and Blood to Go and Make Disciples. Whether you are an Adherent of or Unclaimed by the Local Church, Spiritual Formation offered by CWW® (or the equivalent) can help you be found faithful. By the grace of God, you can become what you believe. Only then can you be what you've become!

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