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The Holy Bible

of Christianity is:

Reasonable in its claims;

Exemplified in antiquity;

Vivified in a personal experience that is a relationship with God,

by Grace alone through Faith alone in Sovereign Jesus Christ alone; and,

Most fully institutionalized in Local Churches and Para Church Organizations that are connecting faith to fellowship in every possible human community on earth with Sovereign Jesus Christ.

The Eternal Holy Spirit in space and time:

Inspired the Holy Bible's human writers;

May bear witness with the Bible's human readers; and,

may accept the Bible's variable, yet meek, human interpretation.

Until such asymmetry gives way to everlasting concord on the Last Day,

may all trusting Christians

promote the Gospel and V.O.I.C.E. of God's

Acceptance, Judgment, and Sovereignty.

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Declared Legally Blind in 2005, Dr. J has been reaching out to the blind and visually impaired community with the Gospel of Sovereign Jesus Christ in Franklin County, Ohio, for many years. Win! How?

By praying the Scriptures. Click the "Hey Dr. J!" link to call/text him now and be a victor!

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