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Threee eBooks (guidebooks) below the "Inform Us" prayer are for Individuals, Couples, or Groups of any size and adapt easily to any Christian doctrine, polity, or practice.




This guidebook is for new believers, new believer classes, small group study or those wanting a refresher. Becoming a Christian is the most adventurous and wonderfully exciting experience you’ll ever have. This 54-page guidebook contains the basic teaching every new believer should be acquainted with such as: What is a Christian? What is a disciple? How does spiritual growth take place? Plus, Chrysalis presents a basic overview of 11 key spiritual teachings every believer should know.If you're a new Christian, coming back to Christ after a period of doubt,trying to process the "big picture" or just need a refresher course, this guidebook is for you. Click above book image to get started!

This guidebook is designed to help you become an overcomer: great for individuals and small groups. The life of a Christian is not just about arriving at some destination; it’s a journey of steps, one right after the other. 21 Days To Breakthrough is based on the belief that the habits we form, the sin we embrace, the forces we struggle against, are very real and can be overcome because they have been defeated by Jesus at Calvary. These habits are formedin the mind and lived out in action and word. It is only as we realize that the battleground is in the mind, that we have been given God’s weapons to do battle, that we can overcome,be transformed, live life abundantly, defeat our enemy and break ungodly habits.  Click above book image to get started!

This guidebook is designed to help you discover, know and walk in the will of God. Everyday, we all face choices. We either choose the right course or the wrong course, but we must choose. God desires that we learn to make right decisions. You don’t have to be mature to enter into the Kingdom of God, but you do have to be mature if you are to experience all of God’s blessings for you now. Discovering God's Will takes you through seven important Biblical keys that will enable you to discover, know, and walk in the will of God that He has for you. Following these seven steps will bring transformation,assurance, and confidence as you prayerfully consider major life decisions.  Click above book image to get started!


The three eBook's (downloadable PDF guidebook's) content above may not necessarily reflect the official position of Church Without Walls® Inc., its founder Thomas (Dr. J) Jacob, its initiatives, its membership, its customers, its affiliates, and/or any other semblance of CWW® (entity or person, real or imagined).  The above resources are in addition to other suggested resources of a Local Church or other online and on-site venues.

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