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Obedience in Prayer

Session Three Worksheet for Group Three


Fighting the attacks of the enemy

The truth about underhanded dealings with God

Walking in the light

The privileges of walking in the light

Unexpected preparation for a critical moment

Drawn aside for special times of prayer

Because Satan understands the potential of prayer far better than we,

he has developed cunning strategies to clog the asking-receiving channel.

An unforgiving spirit, bitterness, secret sexual sins—

the list is endless—can stymie our praying.

Every sin we hide and justify becomes a hindrance to bold, confident prayer to God

To lose God’s blessing because we prefer to cling to our sins

is to suffer the most profound tragedy imaginable.

The Lord is faithful.

As we walk obediently in the light, even as he is in the light,

he has a wonderful ability to not only answer prayer

but to draw us aside for special times of preparatory prayer.

When our holy God issues His commands and personal orders for our lives,

He always is motivated by love and wants to keep us in the center of His will

and under the fountain of His countless blessings.

God’s blessing is reserved for those who desire righteousness,

for those who long with all their soul to walk in God’s light and holiness.

Godly people won’t tolerate hidden sin in their lives

and are quick to confess their disobedience and seek mercy from God.


NOTE FOR GROUP THREE MEMBERS: During the morning plenary sessions, please use the back of this worksheet (other blank sheets of paper are avaklable) to write down insights you gather from the content of the Session Three video in the light of your prayer expereince. Also, based on what you see and hear on the Session Three video, how would you answer the following question: "For the sake of God, our congregation, and our community, what's the next step(s) for our Local Church to become the House of Prayer God wants us to be?" If you are comfortable doing so, then be prepared to share your insight and answers with the other Group Three members in the afternoon dialogue session. After your group dialogue session, elect a spokesperson to present to the other five groups some select insight and answers (presentation time 10 minutes or less). Also, please keep this worksheet for future research and development of a Prayer Ministry at your Local Church.


NOTE FOR NON-GROUPTHREE MEMBERS: Since you have been assigned to a different group and are focusing on a different session, please use this worksheet to write down any notes you may want to write down about the Session Three video. Please refer to another worksheet that is related to your group/session's assignment and focus when writing down and sharing your insight and answers. Also, please keep this and all worksheets for future research and development of a Prayer Ministry at your Local Church.

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