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Why Prayer Matters

Session Five Worksheet for Group Five



Intercessory prayer: a Christ-like ministry

The heritage of intercessory prayer in the Holy Bible

The power of intercessory prayer

Never give up on prayer.

Overwhelmed by the battle but never without hope.

Nothing impossible with God.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in intercession

and perhaps bring to mind a scriptural promise to include in your prayer.

All of us at times need other believers to strengthen and encourage our faith….

Each of us can a times help other believers

by strengthening and encouraging their faith.

Whenever you share with a group the person whom God brings to your mind who needs prayer, be sensitrive to personal situations….

You may need to avoid mentioning a person by name

or being too specific about a need that would identify someone inappropriately.

Expect to see great changes because you bring needs to God who says,

“nothing is to hard for Me.”

Jesus said, “People ought always to pray and not give up.”

The reason he said don’t give up

is because the answers don’t come on our timetable.

The answers come when God decrees they will come.

Interceding for others through prayer is a great privilege and responsibility.

Time and time again, the Holy Bible shows us the importance of intercessory prayer.

Rely on God’s promises in the Holy Bible, and remember that God—

more than anyone else—desires to respond to your faith

and show Himself powerful.


NOTE FOR GROUP FIVE MEMBERS: During the morning plenary sessions, please use the back of this worksheet (other blank sheets of paper are avaklable) to write down insights you gather from the content of the Session Five video in the light of your prayer expereince. Also, based on what you see and hear on the Session Five video, how would you answer the following question: "For the sake of God, our congregation, and our community, what's the next step(s) for our Local Church to become the House of Prayer God wants us to be?" If you are comfortable doing so, then be prepared to share your insight and answers with the other Group Five members in the afternoon dialogue session. After your group dialogue session, elect a spokesperson to present to the other five groups some select insight and answers (presentation time 10 minutes or less). Also, please keep this worksheet for future research and development of a Prayer Ministry at your Local Church.


NOTE FOR NON-GROUP FIVE MEMBERS: Since you have been assigned to a different group and are focusing on a different session, please use this worksheet to write down any notes you may want to write down about the Session Five video. Please refer to another worksheet that is related to your group/session's assignment and focus when writing down and sharing your insight and answers. Also, please keep this and all worksheets for future research and development of a Prayer Ministry at your Local Church.

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