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Helping you and your Local Church begins with God-given Faith

The Christian Faith and Practice

of CWW®,

including our four-fold model

of Spiritual Formation,

are governed by

the Holy Bible alone

(as the reliable and final authority),

which is:


reasonable in its claims,


exemplified in antiquity,


vivified in personal experience, and


most fully institutionalized

in Local Churches


Para Church Organizations

that are

connecting faith to fellowship


every possible

human community on earth


Sovereign Jesus Christ.


By God's grace alone

through personal faith alone

in Sovereign Jesus Christ alone

--the Eternal Holy Spirit

in space and time:


inspired the Holy Bible's human writers,


may bear witness

with the Holy Bible's human readers,



may accept

the Holy Bible's variable,

yet meek, human interpretation.


Until variableness

gives way to everlasting

on the Last Day,

may all trusting Christians

promote the Gospel and V.O.I.C.E.

of God's



and Sovereignty.

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