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SPIRITUAL FORMATION is B.A.S.I.C. Christian CORE Discipleship:

Bible Study, Accountability, Service, Intercession, and Community.

For the maturing Christian ...

Spiritual Formation is not a luxury.

It is a vital necessity.

It begins with the prayer of a God-given faith,

“O God Arise and form Yourself in me”

that is answered with a quality of Light within.

This includes spiritual walls coming down that

hide us from God and divide us from each other.

then we can predicate our Missional hopes and dreams

by the Grace of God in Sovereign Jesus Christ.

God gives a relevant language to us that can


God bestows power in us that can


God is for us so that we can


God works through us with more tangible action that can Reform.

Spiritual Formation is the way

God helps Christians connect their Community with Christ.

The farthest horizons of our Missional hopes and fears

are cobbled by offering Spiritual Formation,

carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives

that walk in the Holy Spirit.


Spiritual Formation is the process of you being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others. Collaboration inspires you by the Holy Spirit and grounds you in Scripture and a faith community.


This Site’s foci provide a measure of flexibility for participants in just about any venue. In addition, these tenets keep the customized spiritual formation of each individual, couple, and/or group centered in the values and the mission articulated by the hosting faith community.


The process begins with a unique design that is charted for each participant during an Initial Consultation. As a result, in addition to viewing the Trilogy© Article videos, every session can be dynamic and diachronic. The three elemental levels of Spiritual Formation (Inform, Transform, and Conform) provide necessary clarity to determine missional priorities for effective programming and assessment during the eventual level of Collaboration (Reform).

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