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Thank you for hosting the Stand and Tell Revival Campaign! The Friday Interactive service is sure to engage each listener to hide the Word of God in his or her heart. Missional living includes being ready to tell people the Word of God at any time (2 Timothy 4, WE). No memorization required!


In collaboration with Dr. Jacob, you are being sent this and other related web pages at least three weeks ahead of the scheduled campaign. This gives you and your leadership ample time for site and service order preparation, as governed by the Holy Spirit and time sensitivity.



Please have adequate stage lighting and amplification. This would include a lapel mic for Dr. Jacob and mobile mics (or the equivalent) for interaction between Dr. Jacob, the actor(s), and/or the congregation. Please make sure computer and projection equipment (or equivalent) are accessible wherever/whenever Tell THE Story needs it and that it can accommodate a Windows Laptop Computer (includes a USB Flash Drive, PPP, MP4 and/or JPG files). If possible, Dr. Jacob would like to review the laptop computer content with the sight and sound tech an hour ahead of the servicde.



At the discretion of the Lead Pastor (and/or delegation), please have the service order prelude, invocation, welcome, vocal and/or instrumental music (in whatever genre your congregation is used to), open altar, offering, and/or announcements ahead of introducing Dr. Jacob. During the service (content below), a remote/laser pointer (for PPP) will be needed for Dr. Jacob. As necessary, please synchronize the lighting, sound, and content of the PPP, MP4, and/or JPEG file with the words and actions on the platform. Please have a benediction and/or postlude by the Lead Pastor (and/or delegation) after an altar call by Dr. Jacob.



Following an introduction, Dr. Jacob begins (with possible PPP) by presenting (only in this service) Aspects of Listening to the Bible Story and The C.O.R.E. Principles of Tell THE Story.


​After that, the Holy Bible story text, Matthew 14:22-33, may be told many timesuring the service as the Holy Sprit leads.


  • The Lead Pastor needs to be prepared to Tell THE Story (read the text) to the congregation (in a manner and rendering they normally hear from you);

  • Then, the Evangelist will be prepared to Tell THE Story;

  • Then, during a possible Meet & Greet, the congregation may be asked to Tell THE Story to each other. During this time (or ahead of time), the Lead Pastor may be asked to recruit some actors for a possible dramatization.

  • Then, if actors have been recruited, the Evangelist will direct a Tell THE Story drama consisting of mime actors and simple props (prepared ahead of time).

  • Then, the Evangelist will be prepared to Tell THE Story (with intentional errors) to three (a child, a teen, and an adult) chosen from the congregation) in conversation with him sitting around a table (including correction as the Story is told).


After that, Dr. Jacob ends by posing the Five Questions. This is a time of interaction, giving the congregation an opportunity to "preach the sermon".

God-willing, Dr. Jacob will have an altar call with an (MP4 on PPP) Invitational Hymn "Total Praise" .




In mutuality, Dr. Jacob and the Lead Pastor reserve the right  to modifiy the content on this page. Lead on, O King Eternal!

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