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Note to Lead Pastor:


Please begin the service (after Prelude and Invocation) with your normal welcome, announcements, etc. Then introduce Dr. Jacob. After he presents "Aspects of Listening to the Bible Story" and "The C.O.R.E. Principels of Tell THE Story," please be ready to read to the congregation (in a rendering they normally hear from you) the following text below. Please plan the offering (play an offetory video) between the story being "told with hymns in conversation" and Dr. Jacob's sermon. God-willing, Dr. Jacob will have an altar call just before the Commissioning (and re-commissioning of those celebrated in the AM) of those you believe have answered God's Missional call.


In addition, per your discretion , please assign mime actors and have simple props ready for the dramatization of the following text.


No rehearsal is necessary.


Please have all concerned plan to meet with Dr. Jacob 30 minutes (sight & sound tech one hour) before the service is scheduled to begin.


Please have adequate stage lighting and amplification (lapel mic for Dr. Jacob and mobile mics (or the equivalent) for interaction between Dr. Jacob, the actor(s), and/or the congregation.


The Holy Bible Story text will be told four times during the service. Please prepare to sing the hymns below during the fourth sequence, as "told with hymns in conversation." Sing the hymns, per the "cue from Story" below, in the musical genre your congregation is used to as a congregation, solo, group, or choir.


Recording is permitted and encouraged.


There are those in your congregation that you and your leadership believe are either model disciples of our Lord  (celebrated in the previous service) or show clear signs of becoming one. This service is an opportunity to re-Commission the models and Commision (and thus encourage) those becoming. They may be a child, teen, and/or adult. You and the leaders of you church believe these mature and maturing Christians will continue to bear the fruit of making disciples or will bear such fruit with mentoring.  It is obvious that, at whatever their stage of growth, they are Regular Everyday Active Christians Helping (REACH) their neighbors in every sphere of their influence. The end result is that these people will begin or continue to help connect others, as led of the Holy Spirit, to a meaningful relationship with our Lord by hiding the Word of God in their hearts and interceding in prayer. Each of them are determined to turn their church 'inside-out" with God on mission! Please plan to review this list of names you compile with Dr. Jacob when he is with you on-site. Please ask each one you chose to compose a stragedy (brief please) that you (or they) can share with the congregation in this service. Prepare some kind of certificate (or other memento) they can have a s a memory marker (that is different than the first service).


Holy Bible Story Text

Luke 10:25-37



Jesus Christ

Religion Scholar









Inn facade

Donkey facade




Hymn: I Love To Tell THE Story

Cue from story: " telling a story."

Words & Recorded Music are provided below

TTS Sunday Comm - Kate Hankey
00:00 / 00:00

1 I love to tell the story

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His glory,

Of Jesus and his love.

I love to tell the story,

Because I know its true;

It satisfies my longings

As nothing else would do.

I love to tell the story,

'Twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.


2 I love to tell the story;

More wonderful it seems

Than all the golden fancies

Of all our golden dreams.

I love to tell the story,

It did so much for me;

And that is just the reason

I tell it now to thee.

I love to tell the story,

'Twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.


3 I love to tell the story;

'Tis pleasant to repeat

What seems, each time I tell it,

More wonderfully sweet.

I love to tell the story,

For some have never heard

The message of salvation

From God's own holy word.

I love to tell the story,

'Twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.


4 I love to tell the story;

For those who know it best

Seem hungering and thirsting

To hear it, like the rest,

And when, in scenes of glory,

I sing the new, new song,

'Twill be the old, old story,

That I have loved so long.

I love to tell the story,

'Twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.


Hymn: The Servant Song

Cue from story: "...and made him comfortable."

Words & Recorded Music are provided below

TTS Sunday Comm - Richard Gillard
00:00 / 00:00

Will you let me be your servant

Let me be as Christ to you

Pray that I might have the grace

To let me be your servant too


We are pilgrims on the journey

We are brothers on the road

We are here to help each other

Walk the mile and bear the load


I will hold the Christ light for you

In the night time of your fear

I will hold my hand out to you

Speak the the peace you long to hear.


I will weep when you are weeping

When you laugh, I'll laugh with you

I will share your joy and sorrow

Till we've seen this journey through.


When we sing to God in heaven

We shall find such harmony

Born to all we've known together

Of Christ's love and agony


Hymn: Our Great Savior

Cue from story: "Go and do the same."

Words & Recorded Music are provided below

TTS Sunday Comm - J. Wilbur Chapman
00:00 / 00:00

1 Jesus! what a friend for sinners!

Jesus! lover of my soul;

Friends may fail me, foes assail me,

He, my Savior, makes me whole.



Hallelujah! what a Savior!

Hallelujah! what a friend!

Saving, helping, keeping, loving,

He is with me to the end.


2 Jesus! what a strength in weakness!

Let me hide myself in Him;

Tempted, tried, and sometimes failing,

He, my strength, my vict'ry wins. [Refrain]


3 Jesus! what a help in sorrow!

While the billows o'er me roll,

Even when my heart is breaking,

He, my comfort, helps my soul. [Refrain]


4 Jesus! what a guide and keeper!

While the tempest still is high,

Storms about me, night o'ertakes me,

He, my pilot, hears my cry. [Refrain]


5 Jesus! I do now receive Him,

More than all in Him I find,

He hath granted me forgiveness,

I am His, and He is mine. [Refrain]


Please contact Dr. Jacob immediately if any of the above needs for the service cannot be met.



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